Welcome to the Intellectual Property Permission Center for PayPal, Inc.

The names and logos of PayPal, Inc. and its group of companies (referred to collectively as "PayPal, Inc.") are protected by intellectual property laws in the U.S. and internationally. These trademarks represent the high quality of PayPal, Inc.'s products and services and are very valuable. Therefore, it is important to use them properly.

Requesting Permission to Use the PayPal, Inc. Family of Brands

All of our brands are protected by applicable intellectual property laws around the world. Please review these pages to determine if your intended use of our brand is permissible and, where applicable, if you need to receive written permission from PayPal.

On this site, you will find an overview of our basic brand guidelines and information about how to get permission for some of the most common use cases. These include:

For other third-party uses of our brands, such as in endorsements, on merchandise or apparel, in connection with press releases, or advertising and marketing materials, please work with your PayPal, Inc. (PayPal, Braintree, Venmo, etc.) contact to obtain appropriate permissions from the PayPal, Inc. legal team. Please note that we generally do not approve the use of our brands by third parties.

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